ORTHIUS Guitars started with a very simple idea;
We have something to contribute

Since that moment, countless hours have been spent bringing that statement to life. It has helped prioritise the most important elements of Orthius Guitars; our signature. It is these very choices that make something unique. An informed awareness that although almost every choice is a compromise, a lessening from its ideal and most natural form, we can make deliberate efforts to preserve what we feel is important; our guitars’ voicing, its playability, weight and feel and aesthetics.

Connection to player is key, it is THE single most important aspect to a guitar. It should be the instrument connecting you to your creative self. If you do not have that connection, although a guitar may look beautiful, it is no more useful than any other ornament, external to yourself but not a part of your self.

Every instrument we create, has this intention in mind.


For build and press inquiries, please contact Peter O’Donohue.

p: 04 6896 6086
e: info@orthiusguitars.com.au