Handcrafted guitars


The Traditional Series is driven for my love of iconic guitar tones. The tones we all know and love.

In my experience of repairing, setting up and modifying these guitars over the years, I have a clear reference in my mind from the best guitars I have had the pleasure of playing. These references are what drove me to pursue our Traditional tonal pallet; informing the construction methods, weights, hardware, timber and pickup choices. As ever, I’m also coming at the guitar’s design from an Orthius point of view, where playability and connectivity are of high priority.

This has led to a custom 25.75” Scale being developed, now standard with all Orthius Guitars. New features also include a new single bar dual action truss rod, An asymmetrical headstock design and the introduction of the Vintage V neck profile modelled off original vintage instruments that have passed through the workshop over the years.

These guitars sound and feel decades older than their build date, like that favourite pair of jeans you have had far longer than you care to admit. Or maybe that elusive vintage guitar you’ve lusted after but can’t find one that plays…




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