About Orthius Guitars


ORTHIUS Guitars started with a very simple idea;
We have something to contribute

Since that moment, countless hours have been spent bringing that statement to life. It has helped prioritise the most important elements of Orthius Guitars; our signature. It is these very choices that make something unique. An informed awareness that although almost every choice is a compromise, a lessening from its ideal and most natural form, we can make deliberate efforts to preserve what we feel is important; our guitars’ voicing, its playability, weight and feel and aesthetics.

Connection to player is key, it is THE single most important aspect to a guitar. It should be the instrument connecting you to your creative self. If you do not have that connection, although a guitar may look beautiful, it is no more useful than any other ornament, external to yourself but not a part of your self.

Every instrument we create, has this intention in mind.

Peter O'Donohue CEO, Designer & Master Builder
Matthew Jones Head Machinist


Peter O'Donohue

Peter O'Donohue

CEO, Designer and Master Builder

Since the time I was given my first guitar, over 35 years ago, I have been fascinated with them. Their look, the feel, tone and their ability to both express emotion and inspire feelings within me. They can change my mood or my understand something happening around me and also inspire ‘the world just disappeared’ connection that is possible with music. I have chased moments like that all my life and it is the inspiration behind the guitars I create.

I have been the owner of SOL Guitar Repairs, an established repair business, for 12 years and in that time I have serviced thousands of instruments while dedicating myself to helping players achieve their aspirations. From setup work, fretwork, electronics to spray work, neck reshapes and advice, there is a drive within me to make something better than when it entered the workshop.

All of these experiences are the driving force behind my guitar designs, behind me and my motivations and my contribution to something I love deeply; music.

Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones

Head Machinist

I found my love for timber at a very young age. I would gather pieces from my parents’ yard to transform it into something new. Since then, woodworking has been my main focus.

Working with natural resources is a privilege and must not be taken for granted. Taking the time to understand the characteristics of each species of timber. Being able to transform and understand them and to be part of building a guitar from those resources is possibly one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.